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Tap into the festive season with XS Power Drink

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Planning to host a party or event? Get some ideas for delicious mixed drinks your guests will love.

It’s the start of the festive season, with so many excellent opportunities for product sales in all Amway categories. Perhaps you’re planning to host an event in your home to introduce the range to your customers, or simply to have a party to celebrate the season.

However you choose to enjoy the next few months, remember these delicious, alcohol-free XSTM Power Drink cocktail ideas. The fruit adds a subtle touch! All the XS flavours are sparkling and refreshing, and they make brilliant conversation openers when you’re talking to new customers. Simply crack open a can, add fruit or mint and other decorations, and make up your own names for your drinks. Create themed drinks using shaped glasses for the various cocktails.

XS Power Drink Tropical Blast: add pineapple cubes to the drink or pushed onto cocktail sticks, crushed ice, colourful straws and little paper umbrellas. Serve with thin slivers of fresh coconut piled in little dishes around the table.

XS Power Drink Electric Lemon Blast: add thin slices of lemon to the side of the glass, and ice cubes made by freezing the XS Power Drink itself, with tiny pieces of lemon or mint leaves frozen into the cube. Decorate the table with whole lemons placed around the drinks.

XS Power Drink Wild Berry Blast: add little berries to the drink or freeze berries and mint leaves into XS Power Drink ice cubes. You can buy frozen berries and defrost them in the morning, draining out excess water.

XS Power Drink Pink Grapefruit Blast: serve with thin slices of lemon and mint-leaf ice cubes. Push pieces of fruit – particularly citrus, like oranges – onto cocktail sticks and place them upright in the glasses. You could also dip the rims of the glasses into granulated sugar, to provide a tingling sweet contrast to the refreshing sparkle of the drink.

Enjoy the drinks, enjoy the parties and have a successful festive season for your business!

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