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Juice it up with our most exotic XS Power Drink

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Taste the dragon fruit in our latest addition to the XS family.

Ready for a new wave of XSTM Power Drink action? We'll soon introduce an exotic new addition to the range: XS™ Juiced Power Drink – Dragon Fruit Blast. Alongside the benefits of existing XS Power Drinks, XS Juiced Power Drinks additionally contain 25% fruit juice (from juice concentrate) and vitamin C. They are lightly carbonated – so you can drink them any time of the day, even at breakfast!

XS Power Drink ambassador and professional kite surfer Mario Rodwald is already a fan of the new drink.

“Dragon Fruit Blast is a great new taste. Some mornings I need a kickstart, so I grab an XS Juiced Power Drink which sets me up to be the first in the water and keep that power throughout the day.”

Mario Rodwald, kite surfer

What's dragon fruit?

© Stocksy / Marija Savic

The dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, is the fruit of the cactus plant genus known as hylocereus. This fragrant, night-time-flowering cactus variety is native to Central America, but it's also cultivated in Southeast Asian countries, where dragon fruit has become very popular.

The fruit itself is gorgeous: its bright pink and green exterior conceals a mild, pale flesh (some describe the taste as being similar to melon or pear) with a kiwi-like texture, complete with tiny, crunchy, edible seeds.

Entice tastebuds and get selling

Are your customers familiar with dragon fruit? If not, try this selling approach: find some dragon fruit (increasingly available in supermarkets and fruit shops across Europe), pour some XS Juiced Power Drink – Dragon Fruit Blast on ice, and next time you meet, do a taste test! Serve up the beautiful fruit and allow your customers to try it for themselves, along with a taste of the new XS Juiced Power Drink.

You can also let the product speak for itself when you're out and about. Pack the drink for a vitamin and caffeine supply on the go and bring an extra one to give to a friend. The unusual but tasty flavour variety and bright packaging is sure to make an impression, so be prepared for questions about what it is, and where you found such a one-of-a-kind drink. Talk, share, enjoy – maybe even make some spontaneous sales!

Product will become available in May.

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