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Inspiration with a blast of flavour

Active Lifestyle

The new XS Power Drink Orange Kumquat Blast will refresh your creative spark

Working for start-ups, filming videos, building websites or just staying on top of the professional game takes focus and stamina. The new XS™ Power Drink Orange Kumquat Blast combines orange – one of the most popular drink flavours in Europe – with a twist of exotic kumquat, and is backed by a strong launch campaign that expands XS beyond the active lifestyle to the young, creative and accomplished.

The “Amazing Orange” campaign links freedom, success and self-realisation in business to the XS brand. The energy around the new product rejuvenates the business with a spotlight on a new demographic – “Young and Active” lifestyle professionals. This category of consumer looks for brands that are unique and resonate with their aspirations.

Thriving on vibrant

Young creatives are dedicated to their work, and thrive on challenging and creative environments. Focused on bringing ideas to life, this segment is attracted to XS Power Drink Orange Kumquat Blast both for the vitamins it delivers and the vibrant color and excitement it conveys. These creative thinkers want inspiration: their California dreams include both nabbing Silicon Valley start-up jobs and relishing sunsets on Laguna Beach – the birthplace of XS Power Drinks and famous for art festivals and other gatherings of creatives from around the world.

So perfectly refreshing

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But what’s a kumquat? They look like mini-oranges, are eaten whole and have an unusual sweet-on-the-outside-and-tart-inside refreshing taste. It is the perfect combination to create the excitement that goes beyond two fruits to create the “Amazing Orange” campaign.

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