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Positive party power

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Hold a vibrant winter gathering and boost your business

Kitesurfing, parkour, beach volleyball – these the just some of the summery, sense-of-adventure images often associated with XS™ Power Drink. Your sales of these beverages, therefore, may tend to wane over winter – but this isn’t necessary. Those who like to party hard – or keep up vigorous training over winter – can also benefit from this drink. Remember, there’s an opportunity in every can of XS – and every party can be an XSperience that everyone will want to attend and talk about!

Party pieces

Each XS Power Drink can is packaged in a vibrant colour to match its flavour – whole mixed rows and pyramids of the cans therefore will make a beautiful display at your party. Team them up with other party décor and accessories in complementary colours and you’ll have a party room everyone will be taking photos of and sharing on social media – a great business boost without too much effort!

If you’re wondering what to serve, that’s easy – XS Power Drinks make excellent cocktails! Why not present some of the exotic fruits the flavours are based on in colourful baskets around the room. You can also serve canapés and other bite-sized snacks as a contrast to the fruity beverage flavours.

Winter warmer

If people who don’t know each other are attending your party, there’s no easier way to start a conversation than with a can of XS – there’s so much to ask and tell:

  1. Bright colours of the cans – Don’t they alone offer an energising feeling in this room?

  2. Ingredients – XS is a great alternative to energy drinks, as it’s sugar-free and contains added B vitamins for sustainable energy – Would you like to try a can?

  3. Exotic flavours – Do you know what a kumquat is? Have you ever tried dragon fruit?

  4. Cocktails – Can you guess what this one contains? Would you like the recipe?

  5. Brand ambassadors – Want to be like them? What would your next adventure look like? Extreme sports, endurance training, an adrenalin kick, dancing all night? XS can help you reach your target!

Shared XSperience

No doubt you used social media to announce your upcoming party and escalate a sense of excitement in advance. Similarly, share your XSperiences and future adventures on social media:

  1. Post highlights of your event with photos – welcome comments and likes from attendees!

  2. Tell everyone your favourite cocktail recipe using an XS Power Drink flavour and ask your fans to share theirs – either well-established mixes or their own inventions.

  3. Invite your new XS fans to tell everyone about their sense of adventure and plans for their next XSperience.

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