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Fit for the summer

Active Lifestyle

Our expert shares his fresh approach to keeping up with our workout goals

With summer just around the corner, many of us are aiming for the ultimate prize: being “summer fit”. A lot of people are thinking ahead to wearing beach and swimwear. Amway expert Johan Hagman, a Fitness Specialist & Performance Nutritionist, explains, “The classic thing is to jump on a diet, reducing our energy intake so much that barely anything else in the dieter’s world is functioning properly.”

There’s no need to starve ourselves while preparing to look slender. Johan tells us “sure, to reduce body fat you must control your energy intake, but instead of using a traditional crash diet, do it by increasing your performance output in the gym! It’s the quality of your exercise that will make the difference in the end.”

Consume the right fuel

When you step through the doors to your gym, it’s crucial you have enough energy to fuel your workout.

Johan says, “If you don’t have the correct energy sources available during your workout, you won’t be able to perform at your best, and the whole session will be rough, painful and boring.”

In the XSTM Sports Nutrition (SN) range we have products supporting you through your full workout, from start to finish, making sure that every segment of your workout is supported by the correct fuel to help you perform at your best.

Johan applies the same workout and nutritional regime for his clients, as he does for himself:

  1. Consume the XS SN pre-workout drink about 30-15 minutes before the workout session is about to start. It offers a mix of nutrients to make sure we are ready from the start, not halfway through.

  2. Further into the session, take regular sips on the XS SN electrolyte drink. Johan reveals, “From my experience, it’s like magic when you’re constantly pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. And as we all know, it’s outside of your comfort zone where the growth happens.”

  3. After the session, make sure all that sweat and effort during the session actually takes you somewhere. Give your body what it deserves to recover properly – a high-quality protein source. XS Hydrolyzed Whey Protein offers just that.

    And it’s already at this point we’re starting to prepare ourselves for the next session. As Johan says, “If you follow these simple, but important, steps, I’m quite sure you will also be able to collect the prize you’re after as well.”

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