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Maximise potential by hosting an XS Power Drink event.

Energy drinks are a hit with club-goers and students before exams. They are there for athletes who are looking for a performance boost and travellers conquering jet lag.

But a can of energy drink can combine caffeine with quadruple the amount of sugar found in a can of fizzy drink. As people become more conscious of health and nutrition, ABOs have the opportunity to promote XS™ Power Drink – the gluten-free, sugar-free drink that doesn’t sacrifice taste.

Business newsgroup Quartz reported that the global energy drink industry grew from a $3.8-billion business in 1999 to a $37.5 billion business in 2013, based on market data from Euromonitor. That’s more than a 620% jump.

Capitalise on this hot trend by sponsoring fun events, encouraging both prospective customers and a young generation of ABOs enthusiastic about Amway and Amway products.

We had a chance to speak with ABOs Bernd Catterfeld (18%) from Germany, and Petr Stepanek, (Founders Platinum) from Czech Republic, about how they maximise the full potential of XS Power Drink.

How do you use XS Power Drink as a prospecting tool for potential ABOs?

Bernd: I like to give people an XS Power Drink to try so they can decide for themselves how good it is. The reactions are amazing – 9 out of 10 people say it is the first energy drink without sugar that tastes nice. So it's easy to see why ABOs stand behind their products.

Stepanek: I share XS Power Drink with the prospects, I share the story of XS Power Drink and the XS Power Drink philosophy – why we do what we do. That's the key for inspiring others.

Please describe your first XS Power Drink event.

Bernd: I'm often a DJ in clubs and have connections with some agencies. Our first XS Power Drink party was a success. The people were willing to try the drink, and the conversion was worth seeing.

Why is XS Power Drink so well suited for sponsoring?

Stepanek: When I visited Laguna Beach in California – where the drink was born – I realised that XS Power Drink is a style, it’s an attitude. It’s like surfing: we don’t compete for a wave with others, we share the wave with them. That’s my sponsoring philosophy: sharing fundamental values, hope and opportunity.

What’s the ideal environment for the sale or promotion of XS Power Drink?

Bernd: We use the environment in which people feel at home. Young people are often at clubs and parties, so that’s a good place to start with the product. Many people are open to try good products that deliver what they promise.

What tips would you give to an XS Power Drink event host?

Bernd: No anonymous advertisements or invitations. Start with your personal circle of acquaintances. Let people test the product themselves. If they like it, they will bring their friends to future events.

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