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An all-year solution

Vitamins and Supplements

Give your body the calcium, magnesium and vitamin D it needs with a NUTRILITE boost.

Although you can reap the benfits throughout the year, a great way to help get through the last of the Winter months is by topping up our reserves of calcium and magnesium with NUTRILITETM Cal Mag D Plus.

A welcome boost

While the density of our bones is best honed by a good diet and exercise between the ages of around 18 and 30, our bones and the rest of our body continue to develop throughout our lives. Bone mass, however, can begin to decrease with age, especially for women.

The danger is that if our bodies do not get enough calcium, the body will ‘extract’ it naturally from our bones in order to nourish our hearts and muscles, which can in some cases increase the risk of osteoporosis. In addition, because bones go on reforming over time, the necessary level of calcium is extremely important in maintaining strong and resistant bones and teeth. A central function of NUTRILITE Cal Mag D Plus is that it boosts our all-important calcium levels. The body needs calcium to maintain bones and teeth in a healthy state, as well as aid muscle contraction. Likewise, the formula’s magnesium supports the normal functioning of our muscles.

Bridging the gaps

This is where vitamin D comes into the equation: this vitamin supports the absorption of mineral calcium, its blood level and its inclusion in bones and teeth. We know that many foods are good sources of vitamin D, particularly fatty fishes and eggs, but sometimes we don't get enough. Similarly, while sunlight gives us a vital source of vitamin D, NUTRILITE Cal Mag D Plus can help make sure that we are getting enough throughout the darker periods of the year.

NUTRILITE is now celebrating its eighth successful decade. Today’s NUTRILITE Cal Mag D Plus is the go-to solution to help your body maintain healthy levels of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.

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