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Supplements made for women

Vitamins and Supplements

Soak up the sun while taking care of your wellbeing.

Summer is here. Most women can't wait to change into a swimsuit, soak up some sunshine and get that natural glow. In addition, vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, is important for regulating the absorption of calcium, which is vital for our bones and teeth. Although the sun doesn't create vitamin D, it converts the vitamin D in your skin to an active, usable form.

Balance is key

But be moderate! Too much time in the sun also has negative side effects. Ultraviolet light can be detrimental – when exposed to the sun, skin gradually loses moisture and essential oils, appearing dry, flaky and prematurely wrinkled. UV is most ample during the sun's highest point in the sky, between 10 am and 4 pm, so to avoid any side effects, it is best not to lounge around in the sun throughout these peak times.

One way to counter these negative effects is to maintain a balanced diet and stay hydrated every day. On top of this, you can add to your regular diet special dietary products which Amway has specially created for women and which can help sustain the wellbeing of men too.

Try these products

NUTRILITE Iron Folic Plus provides iron from two iron sources, plus folic acid.

Match that vibrant feeling and glowing skin with a body you feel comfortable in. With the help of bodykeyTM by NUTRILITE products, including bars, shakes and soups, you can enjoy the summer, looking and feeling your best.

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