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How colourful is your diet?

Vitamins and Supplements

Keep the wheels of wellbeing turning with micronutrients.

Building a solid base for your body's wellbeing requires a holistic approach. Amway’s Foundational Trio is a concept that encourages consuming a suitable balance of nutrients – represented by the three main parts of a bicycle – each with an important role to play.

  1. The frame represents the main building blocks of our nourishment – proteins, which support our muscles and our skeletal structure.

  2. The chain of the bicycle, which needs oil to run smoothly, is like your heart and circulation. They similarly need Omega-3 fatty acids to support them.

  3. A bike of course needs wheels to move – and our minds and bodies rely on vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) and phytonutrients from plant sources to stay in top condition, so we can perform well throughout our daily lives.

All parts of the bike together form our nutritional foundation.

Are we getting enough of these nutrients regularly in our diets? The World Health Organization reports that a shocking 75% of people worldwide are not meeting recommended guidelines to consume a minimum of five servings of fruit and vegetables daily.

The more colourful your diet, the better

To check if you’re getting enough micronutrients and phytonutrients in your diet, think of foods in the following colours:

  1. white

  2. yellow/orange

  3. red

  4. green

  5. blue/purple

Now test yourself!

  1. Can you name three fruits/vegetables for each colour group?

  2. Can you incorporate all five colours in what you eat each day?

Super supplements

If you find it hard to pack enough veggies and fruits into your meals, then supplements containing what your diet is lacking can help balance the deficit. Here's where NUTRILITETM comes in.

NUTRILITE Daily contains a wide range of micronutrients and phytonutrients from concentrated plant sources, as well as minerals including zinc, magnesium and calcium. If you have a particularly physically strenuous or stressful time coming up, then start taking NUTRILITE DOUBLE X™ each day to give you the “turbo boost” of nutrients you need until you resume your regular routine.

It’s difficult, especially in winter, when fewer foods are in season, to get all the goodness we need in our diets. A regular intake of supplements can help keep the bicycle wheels of our wellbeing turning at a steady pace!

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Vitamins and Supplements


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Vitamins and Supplements


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