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Take care of your bones!

Vitamins and Supplements

Do you know which two nutrients work together to maintain your body's framework?

If you guessed calcium and vitamin D, you are correct. These two are so important for the maintenance of healthy bones that it can’t be stressed enough. During childhood and adolescence, it’s essential to ensure a sufficient supply of these two nutrients to achieve maximum bone mass in young adulthood.

But later in life, too – and especially during later middle age, when bone mass tends to decrease – calcium and vitamin D are essential to maintain strong, healthy bones. So are you getting enough?

A vital balance

Although we lose calcium via our digestive system and when we sweat, our bodies also constantly replace it and build it into new bone cells. To do this, we need a balanced serum level of calcium, which is guaranteed by the function of vitamin D. In fact, the body can't keep its calcium quantity at a constant level without vitamin D. Therefore, ideally these two vital nutrients should be taken together long-term.

Nutrition experts in Europe recommend a daily intake of 15 micrograms of vitamin D for adults. We obtain it through our diet – especially rich sources are certain types of fish, egg yolks, avocado, some mushrooms and some fish. And it’s also made in our skin through exposure to sunlight.

But how do you know whether your skin is being exposed to enough sun – especially these days when we’re told to cover up and avoid UV rays? The fact is, unless you spend enough time each day outdoors or next to a window during daylight, you may be getting an insufficient supply of the vitamin.

Supplements can help

Nutrition scientists can confirm the positive effects of calcium plus vitamin D supplementation to help prevent bone (and especially hip) fractures in adults: recent studies show a significant risk reduction where individuals were sufficiently supplied with calcium and vitamin D.

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It’s also clear that the winter months are especially critical: whereas 8% of all Europeans are vitamin D deficient in the summer months, this figure increases to 18% during the winter.

So remind your customers that NUTRILITE™ supplements may be helpful to get through the “dark season”. Recommended supplements for this purpose are NUTRILITE Cal Mag D Plus, NUTRILITE DOUBLE X™ Multivitamin/Multimineral/Phytonutrient Food Supplement, and NUTRILITE Daily.

NUTRILITE Cal Mag D Plus contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin D; NUTRILITE DOUBLE X is an advanced formulation providing a dynamic mix of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, concentrates and extracts; and NUTRILITE Daily contains basic levels of essential vitamins and minerals to provide broad supplementary nutritional coverage.

Supplements can never replace a healthy, balanced diet but they can fill the gaps. NUTRILITE helps give you the confidence that you’re taking good care of yourself, your family and your customers.

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