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Key B vitamins help fight fatigue

Vitamins and Supplements

Dual-action technology for optimum nutrient release.

Life is packed with responsibilities – from family and work to day-to-day chores, not to mention finding the time for exercise and social excursions; in today’s world you simply cannot afford to be held back by fatigue.

The benefit of optimal release

Even when we eat a balanced diet, there may be some nutrients lacking in what we consume daily. That’s why we’ve launched the new NUTRILITE™ Vitamin B Plus with dual-action technology, so you can be at your best from the beginning of your day to the end. Each tablet is made with naturally sourced, nutrient-rich spirulina plant and all eight essential B vitamins, formulated in a way to help you absorb more and waste less than a typical instant release formula. The essential B vitamins included are:

  1. B1 (thiamine)

  2. B2 (riboflavin)

  3. B3 (niacin)

  4. B5 (pantothenic acid)

  5. B6 (pyridoxine)

  6. B7 (biotin)

  7. B9 (folic acid)

  8. B12 (cobalamin)

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A great way to start your day

The tablets use dual-action technology for the optimal nutrient release of each B vitamin to support normal energy-yielding metabolism and help fight fatigue. Released both instantly (dark green layer of tablet) and over an extended eight-hour time period (light green layer of tablet) ensures each B vitamin is released to the body at the best time.

Spirulina, a nutritional hero

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is full of phytonutrients. Grown on a NUTRICERT™ certified aqua farm, the natural spirulina added to these supplements is of top quality, produced in an intense environment in a specially designed pond system.

Dosage: You only need to take one tablet a day and you are covered because each tablet contains 100% NRV of all essential B vitamins!I If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or have any pre-existing health conditions, please consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

For more information about this great new product and on how to incorporate it into your business, see the Business Builders Tool Kit.

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