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Wise investment into wellbeing

Vitamins and Supplements

Lay solid nutritional foundations for the best your body can be

There’s more knowledge available regarding our wellbeing than ever before. Over the past centuries, scientists have explored the chemical makeup of our bodies and which combinations of nutrients best serve our physical and mental functions*. Similarly, over recent decades, the food industry and media have attempted to educate us more, so we can include and avoid certain elements in our diets as appropriate.

The term “balanced diet” was first used in the 1930s. In an attempt to keep all components of our bodies and mind in good working order, in general, a holistic approach is best.

Cycle of holistic wellbeing

The Foundational Trio, introduced by Amway, covers all-round nutrition. A bicycle can symbolise the three main categories of nutrients:

  1. The frame: the basic construction, holding all other elements together, made up of a daily supply of proteins to support our muscles and bones

  2. The wheels: our mental and physical energy levels, made up of a regular intake of micronutrients – vitamins and minerals, and phytonutrients from plant sources

  3. The chain: representing the heart, which needs support to function regularly, from omega-3 fatty acids. Neither the frame or wheels of a bike can move without the chain being in reliable working order

The bicycle is the perfect metaphor for our health in that a little bit of investment into its maintenance can go a long way – and the opposite is true, too. If you fail to regularly oil the chain, for instance, you will, over time, pay a higher price for such neglect. It’s just the same with our bodies – we provide each function with the nourishment it needs to keep it in the proper condition.

Watch and learn!

Check out the bundles available for your market to ensure you’re getting the best deal for the ideal coverage of nutrients from the Foundational Trio. Watch our video to find out more!

Small but smart investment

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With work schedules, family commitments and social lives sometimes overlapping, time doesn’t always allow us to prepare fresh foods packed with goodness. The Foundational Trio products by NUTRILITE™ support our wellbeing and help to cover any gaps. Together, they’re a small, regular investment into the most important thing in all of our lives – our health – that pays off for the whole family!

* Journal of Nutrition

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