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5 ways to help maintain your vision

Vitamins and Supplements

As screen time increases, don't forget to think about your eye health

When taking care of our body and wellbeing, there’s one important organ we sometimes neglect: our eyes – “the windows to the soul”. Sight is one of our five senses and an enormous part of our daily lives. Our eyes are increasingly trained on a variety of digital devices – especially tablets and smartphones – but this added strain can also lead to problems such as dry eyes and even physical fatigue, resulting in diminished productivity.

Look after your windows to the world

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Taking proactive preventative measures is better than waiting until negative symptoms begin to emerge which affect our valuable vision. Below are five tips to help you maintain optimal eye health.

1. Take screen breaks

When working at a computer or staring at your phone, take a short break from the screen every hour and look at something a few metres away from you. Looking for too long at a screen on a regular basis could lead to computer vision syndrome, which involves a range of problems, including struggling to focus at a distance. Bonus: short breaks can also help increase your productivity!

2. Wear sun protection

When we think of sun protection, we usually think of sunblock for our skin. But UV rays are also hard on the eyes. Avoid the squint and instead wear a hat or quality sunglasses. When picking sunglasses, don’t rely on the ones with the darkest tint – look for the ones with a 100% UV protection sticker.

3. Food for eyes

Studies present evidence that vitamin A and carotenoids, a naturally-occurring yellow pigment found in fruits and vegetables, can help to decrease the risk of age-related eye disease. Foods rich in carotenoids include sweet potatoes, plums, apricots, and dark, leafy greens such as kale and spinach. And foods rich in vitamin A include meat, eggs and butter.

4. Quit smoking

Need another reason to kick this habit? The risks of smoking aren’t limited to heart disease and lung cancer. It can worsen irreversible vision loss by putting you at risk of getting glaucoma or cataracts later in life. Yikes!

5. Consider food supplements

Ideally we should consume plenty of nutrients and antioxidants via a balanced and varied diet, which can maintain not only your eye health, but overall health. While studies aren’t conclusive, some research provides evidence that food supplements can help fill in gaps. “Eye vitamins” usually contain carotenoids, like lutein and vitamin A. In fact, the highest concentration of lutein is found in the macular area of our eyes, offering targeted antioxidant protection.

Keep your peepers on top form with a daily boost of NUTRILITETM Bilberry with Lutein. The all-star formula of this food supplement comprises bilberry and lutein extracts from marigolds grown on sustainable NutriCertTM farms. Sustainable farming generates stronger, more vigorous plants with higher nutritional value. The new formula of NUTRILITE Bilberry with Lutein contains vitamin A, which contributes to maintaining normal eye vision. In addition, the amount of lutein and bilberry extract has been increased. These improvements were made so you can consume the ideal dosage with just two tablets daily for maximum product benefit.

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