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Supplement for the season

Vitamins and Supplements

Boost your vitamin D intake during winter

Our bodies are so clever, with multiple functions working away in the background while we sleep, work or enjoy sports. One such function is the natural generation of vitamin D through our skin’s exposure to the sun. Vitamin D, too, supports our bodies in several ways: It helps us absorb calcium for stronger bones and teeth, helps the normal function of our muscles and even gives our immune system a boost.

Terrific teamwork

Your skin is especially designed to absorb UVB rays, which sunlight provides. In the summer, this is an easy task, as we automatically expose more bare skin to the smile of the sun. The more skin we expose, the more vitamin D can be generated.

Luckily, this normally takes around half the time it would to get sunburnt – so your skin can generate enough vitamin D from the sun without the risk of it becoming red or sore.
NOTE: If you apply full-spectrum, UVA/UVB sunscreen, this will protect you from burning, but will also block out the UVB rays needed to generate vitamin D.

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All living things bloom and benefit from natural sunlight

Daily daylight

Fair-skinned with freckles? Exposing bare skin for up to 15 minutes of indirect sunlight between 11am and 3pm is enough to generate your daily requirement of vitamin D. If you have very dark skin, you may need to enjoy the sunny outdoors for several hours to keep levels topped up.

Grey seasons

Sadly, during colder, grey days we struggle to get our daily dose of vitamin D – skin covered up with scarves, long sleeves or thick tights can’t absorb the natural sunlight it needs.

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Even when it’s milder, so we can forgo some layers, the sun is sometimes too weak to make a difference to our vitamin D levels. If it rains, we hide under umbrellas, shielding our skin from daylight.

Supplement security

As we cannot easily get vitamin D from the food we eat, a tablet-form top-up may be needed from time to time. Watch our video, above, to learn more! NUTRILITE™ Vitamin D, derived from natural sources, helps prevent the risk of any gaps in this essential nutrient.

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