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A powerful combination

Vitamins and Supplements

Presenting newly relaunched NUTRILITE DOUBLE X to customers? Read our helpful sales tips!

Healthy nutrition keeps us balanced, body and mind. We all know that five colours a day is the optimal way – but isn’t this sometimes difficult to achieve?

We’ve recently relaunched our bestselling NUTRILITE™ DOUBLE X™ Vitamin / Mineral / Phytonutrient food supplement, to make it better than ever before. Enriched with PhytoBlend™, a special mix of no fewer than 22 plants and valuable phytonutrients, DOUBLE X provides us with botanicals from all five colour groups.

What’s new?

  1. Balanced nutrient profile, based on latest scientific findings

  2. Strengthened phytopower due to wider phytonutrient spectrum with more botanical extracts

  3. Tablets are easier to swallow and are gentler on the stomach

  4. Improved taste and smell

  5. Stored in a nicely designed, easy-to-open tray

The new, reformulated DOUBLE X offers a win-win for you and your customers! Download the NUTRILITE DOUBLE X PPT presentation on the Amway Online Library for more details (after login)!

Tips for more effective sales

NUTRILITE DOUBLE X has always been a solid seller for Amway – and now it’s even more attractive to your customers.

We asked Austrian ABOs Alexander Nusshold-Bertschler, and Rosemarie and Martin Wagner to tell us how they feel about the new relaunched NUTRILITE DOUBLE X and how loyal DOUBLE X fans are responding to the product’s new formula.

“As a nutrition trainer, I’m especially interested in DOUBLE X’s ingredients,” says Alexander. “NUTRILITE knows that it’s not the amount of micro-nutrients that’s important, but the combination which has a huge effect on the quality of the nutrition supplement.”

“In addition, the tablet size and design are excellent. Anyone who understands the importance of nutrition supplements, and gets to know the brand’s quality products, will appreciate DOUBLE X’s excellent value for money.”

Rosemarie and Martin Wagner agree. “DOUBLE X is much more competitive now. Feedback so far since the recent relaunch is that customers feel fitter and generally better. One said she doesn’t need to have an afternoon nap any more!”

Rosemarie and Martin say that Amway have made it much easier now to sell NUTRILITE DOUBLE X. “It’s a better product, enriched with the new PhytoBlend – and customers really like the fact that they can get everything they need in just one product.”

Alexander adds that the DOUBLE X Dissolve Demo is helpful during presentations. “I found that dissolving the tablets is a really good way to demonstrate the product when you’re presenting to customers.”

DOUBLE X Dissolve Demo

  • 240p
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p

Show your customers how the three tablets turn clear water into vibrant colours, due to their potent nutrient content! Show them the video or, even better, perform the demo yourself as a way to get a conversation going. This way you can easily emphasise the diverse plant ingredients of NUTRILITE DOUBLE X.

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