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Wake up sleepy head

Vitamins and Supplements

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The alarm goes off and you know it’s time to drag yourself out of bed again. Yesterday was long, last night seemed too short and today’s schedule is packed – you need to get the children to school, tidy up and then off to the office to plan presentations, reply to emails and respond to customer inquiries. You are going to have to be at the top of your game and the only way to do that is to power up your body and mind.

Don’t skip breakfast!

The clock is racing ahead and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. But trying to save time first thing in the morning could cost you productivity later on in the day. To get off to a good start, you need to give your metabolism a jumpstart. Eating breakfast increases the intake of essential nutrients and increases energy levels. It also heightens brainpower and concentration.

Fortify your body

There are many types of breakfast personality, but whether you prefer it sweet, salty, large or small, NUTRILITE has a product to bulk up any meal for the whole family: NUTRILITE All Plant Protein. It is a tasteless, high-quality, low-calorie protein derived totally from plant ingredients. Used first thing in the morning, it will keep you feeling full for longer and give you plenty of energy for your challenging day. Once considered the domain of bodybuilders and other athletes, protein supplements are now gaining widespread popularity. Protein and its amino acids are a key component of our bones, muscles, skin, hair and blood and, next to water, is the body's second-most important nutrient. Since our bodies aren't able to produce protein, it is important to use a protein supplements to ensure proper muscle and tissue growth.

Easy to use

Adding protein powder to fortify your meal is simple and quick. Just one or two scoops of NUTRILITE All Plant Protein added to milk, fruit juices or yogurt will give you a healthy boost of protein and help your body stabilise blood sugar levels throughout the rest of the day!

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