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Try something new to lose weight

Weight Management

Discover bodykey: a personalised weight loss programme.

It was a discovery that changed weight management as we know it: scientists recently found a strong correlation between our bodies’ DNA and the way it responds to nutrition and exercise. It’s simple: your individual gene variations determine how your body manages its weight.

Amway seized upon the opportunity to give ABOs and their customers access to this unique way of managing weight and diet, developing the bodykey by NUTRILITETM Genetic Test. This simple test analyses your specific genetic makeup and reveals important information that allows us to identify the best dietary composition and physical activity for you to achieve weight loss. Your unique results are used to design your personal bodykey diet and exercise profile.

Genes: a map to your weight-management needs

A worldwide trend towards overweight, obesity and potential health consequences has driven global research on possible causes and solutions. The latest evidence has confirmed that weight gain and loss can no longer be considered a simple equation of "calories in versus calories out". A broad range of factors plays a role in weight management, including individual genetic makeup. Among thousands of genes in the human genome, five variants in a total of four genes have been identified that influence body weight.

Easy, accurate, confidential

Gene sample collection is easy and can be done at home using the Genetic Test Box provided in the bodykey Kit. After you send in your swab sample, Novogenia (an Austrian ISO-certified laboratory) does the rest. Our lab operates under the highest quality standards with the strictest confidentiality, ensuring accurate test results and safe handling. After analysis, samples are destroyed.

The genetic test results are translated into a unique diet and exercise recommendation, which is available to you via your personal My bodykey Online Coach page. Your results reveal:

  1. the ideal diet for your body in terms of fat and carbohydrates

  2. the type of physical activity your body best responds to

Knowing these unique genetic factors will enable you – with the help of the bodykeyTM programme – to tailor your own unique weight-management plan.

Watch the video from bodykey to learn more about the high-quality Genetic Test used to customise each individual bodykey programme.

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