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Want to avoid winter weight gain?

Weight Management

5 ways to reach your weight loss goals this season.

With the festive season come busy schedules and plenty of temptation to make it difficult to focus on reaching our weight loss goals. But with bodykey by NUTRILITETM, a weight loss programme designed to help you achieve your diet and fitness goals this winter, staying healthy and keeping extra weight off couldn’t be more simple! And to help you stay on track, we have collected the following five simple tips to follow, making it easy and fun to stay in shape and feel great – all the way through the colder months.

1) Soak up the sun

Lack of sunlight can cause a drop in the “feel-good” brain chemical serotonin. So try to get as much natural light as possible, even when the days get shorter and the opportunities for soaking up sun rays become fewer. To get the best out of the winter sun, go for a 15-minute walk outdoors during your coffee break or lunch hour, and, if possible, place your work desk close to a window. It may not always be there, but even in winter, soaking up the sun can do wonders for your overall well-being!

2) Eat winter fruits and vegetables

Buy produce that’s naturally in season. Bulk up your meals with fresh broccoli, carrots, kale, oranges, sweet potatoes and winter squash! They’re all delicious this time of year, so fill your cupboards and keep your diet colourful and healthy.

3) Keep moving

If you can, stick to a regular exercise routine, or find an indoor activity that you love. Walk instead of taking the car to the shops, take the stairs instead of the lift! Get a work-out DVD, put on your favourite tune and dance, or take your children ice-skating – and try it yourself!

4) Snack smartly

The festive season can often be stressful, with guests to entertain and presents to buy – we may not have time to prepare a balanced meal, or even sit down to enjoy one. But don’t give in to high-calorie, convenient snacks when you’re on the go. Instead, arm yourself with bodykeyTM instant meals in the form of soups, bars and shakes, to keep hunger at bay and winter weight off!

5) bodykey solutions

To help with your diet plan, bodykey by NUTRILITETM has some great solutions.

Based on a 100% natural fibre extract, the Natural Carb Reducer blocks up to two-thirds of the carbohydrates in a standard 600-calorie meal. The Natural Fat Reducer is based on a 100% natural fibre extract from the opuntia cactus, and minimises nutritional fat absorption by blocking up to 27% of the fat in a meal. Try to combine these two supplements with the tips above to stave off winter weight gain – and feel great throughout the season!

Discover also bodykey by NUTRILITETM weight management solution for yourself and get to know the brilliant range of superior quality instant meals, teas and nutritional supplements that are specially formulated to help you achieve your weight loss goals. They’re perfect for providing convenience, indulgence and wellness – any place and anytime, and they contain only Nutrilite Health Institute approved sweeteners with no artificial colours.

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