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Debunking weight-loss myths ...

Weight Management

... while sharing tips on avoiding unwanted calories.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there on how to lose weight and keep it off – and many of these mistaken beliefs can even cause harm to our wellbeing. Here, we dispel the worst offenders and reveal what really works to help you reach your weight-loss goals.

3 weight-loss myths:

  1. Shed weight with severe food restriction. Abstaining from food due to the idea that the fewer calories we consume, the less weight we will gain, can deprive our bodies of the balanced mix of nutrients they need. Weight may initially come off quickly but at some point our metabolism slows down and our bodies refuse to shed more.

  2. Eat more fat to stay full for longer. Not only can this be dangerous for those with high cholesterol, but some people really need to cut down on fat to lose weight. Besides, eating more fruits and vegetables and high-fibre foods is the best way to feel full for longer.

  3. Drink only liquids to lose pounds. This is only a short-term fix which may give the body a boost with more fluids, but similarly, only fluid will be lost and your actual weight will stay the same. Cutting down on alcohol and sugar are better ways to keep toxins away from our bodies.

One size does not fit all

The problem with many weight-loss plans is that they won’t work for everybody. We are all individuals and if we all ate the same food, some people would feel nourished and energised while others would feel uncomfortable or sluggish.

Weight-loss programmes such as bodykey by NUTRILITETM embrace this individual approach, starting with the genetic test to establish which foods suit your body best and therefore aid your path to losing weight or maintaining your ideal shape.

Researchers for the programme know that some of us need to reduce the amount of fat in our diets and others need to cut down on carbohydrates to support our bodies’ wellbeing. They have developed easy-to-swallow tablets which cater for the different body types.

Imagine a group of people around a table eating pizza. Those who need to cut down on carbohydrates should take the Natural Carb Reducer, which blocks up to two-thirds of the carbohydrates in a standard 600-calorie meal. So those who take this can indulge in a pizza and absorb only a fraction of the carbohydrates. Similarly, those who gain weight from fats can feel safe eating the pizza too if they take the Natural Fat Reducer, as this aid blocks up to 27% of fat in a meal and minimises fat absorption.

Please note:

DO NOT take both the Natural Carb Reducer and the Natural Fat Reducer at the same time! The bodykey by NUTRILITE programme will detect if you need either of these products to maintain your ideal weight or if you need to simply balance your intake of carbs and fat.

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