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Curb your cravings

Weight Management

We help you stick to your weight management goals this summer – starting with portion power!

It’s a fact – the more we eat, the more likely we are to put on weight. Increasing cardiovascular exercise can certainly help to shed a few extra consumed calories, but if overeating becomes a habit, we can start to see our weight go up and waistlines expand.

Portion power

One way we can lose track of exactly how much we’re eating is if our portion sizes at mealtimes are larger than necessary.

Try out these handy mealtime guidelines:

  1. A portion of meat, fish or poultry should be no bigger than the palm of your hand

  2. A portion of rice, pasta or vegetables can be the size of your clenched fist

  3. Butter, oil and sugar portions should be the size of the tip of your thumb only

  4. A portion of hard cheese can be the size of your whole thumb

  5. Snacks like popcorn or crisps may be two cupped handfuls; heavier snacks like nuts only one handful

An interesting experiment

To compare how much you normally eat with what you should consume to feel satisfied, try eating with the lights off! Prepare your meal as usual then sit at the table with a lit candle, cutlery in hands. Blow out the candle and eat in the dark. Stop when you feel full and turn the light on – you’ll be surprised how little food your stomach actually needs to feel nourished.

Suppress summer indulgence

Barbecues with high-fat meats and cheeses tempt our taste buds on warm evenings. It can be hard to maintain our willpower when such get-togethers feel like a celebration, causing us to let go more. If this sounds familiar, consider curbing your cravings with a supplement.

A single serving sachet of NUTRILITETM Appetite Controller must be mixed with liquid (water or juice). Take it three times a day before each meal to form a natural gel inside your stomach, making you feel pleasantly full. This stops you from overindulging.

Extra support

As an ABO, show empathy with your customers wanting to control their weight and suggest they curb their appetites by taking the NUTRILITE Appetite Controller. It’s a great door opener that can be sensitively introduced, especially to bodykey by NUTRILITETM customers for offering rapid and visible results. It’s compatible with all three bodykey diet types and, for best results, can complement the Natural Fat and Natural Carb Reducers as needed.

Mix a sachet as part of your product demonstration or run a business meeting at lunchtime, so everyone involved can try it for themselves and experience how little they need to eat without feeling hungry!

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