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Tools for weight maintenance

Weight Management

Winter time and the holiday season do not have to add up to more kilos

The last of the warm weather has slipped away but hopefully not that fantastic beach body you worked so hard to achieve. We feel so much better when we realise our optimal weight, but then often lose sight of the victory. October, a study from a medical journal article reveals, is the month people are at their lowest weight for the whole year. So, it is the perfect time to focus on maintaining good eating habits and healthy weight management in anticipation of wanting to look your best for the festive holiday season.

Tame your appetite

It’s much harder to shed the kilograms if you’ve been overindulging in the winter months, so NUTRILITETM has found a way for you to still enjoy your comfort food yet be more empowered to control portion size. The NUTRILITE Appetite Controller is a food supplement that helps you control your appetite and fight overeating. This makes weight management easier – all without the feeling of dissatisfaction and hunger.

Unique and natural ingredients

The NUTRILITE Appetite Controller contains a unique natural ingredient: glucomannan extract. This natural dietary fibre attracts water and turns to gel in the stomach. The gel presses against the stomach’s walls, helping you to feel fuller. It also contains naturally derived black elderberry extract that gives the product a pleasant purple colour. Each serving comes in its own sachet and can be mixed easily with juice or water in just seconds without affecting the flavour.

Combine for even better results

To support you in achieving your weight-loss goals this autumn, the NUTRILITE Appetite Controller can be combined with Natural Fat Reducer or Natural Carb Reducer to get even better results. For people following the bodykey by NUTRILITE plan, this product can be used as part of an individual regimen for all bodykey diet types, or simply as a boost to weight management to get you in your best shape even for the holiday season and beyond!

Be the best you can be

Whether you need to lose significant weight or just want a healthy guideline for maintenance, the bodykey by NUTRILITE programme can help you smooth the way to successfully meeting your goals. Let’s start with the bodykeyTM The kit arrives with your DNA genetic test and instructions on how to use and return it. Once you have the information on which diet type is best for you, you can then use your personal code to access your bodykey Online Coach. The kit also contains supportive products, including the NUTRILITE All Plant Protein Powder and NUTRILITE Fibre Powder, as well as helpful literature.

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