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Spring into action with micro-workouts

Weight Management

Get moving – every step and stretch counts

Your schedule has changed dramatically over the past few weeks and every day brings something new. Juggling these changes with care responsibilities and your home life can mean fitness ends up coming last. A daily workout can be shorter than you think and doesn’t require special equipment, so we can all squeeze exercise into our schedules.

One minute = many benefits

Just 60 seconds of activity can make a huge difference! Try:

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  1. Jogging on the spot

  2. Jumping jacks

  3. Push-ups

  4. Sit-ups

  5. Running up and down stairs

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If you need something gentler to start with throw a soft item, like a sock or a scarf, in the air and catch it repeatedly; pass the item from one hand to the next around your waist, clockwise, then anti-clockwise; or kick alternate feet out in front of you.

Musical movement

The average song lasts three minutes. Use the duration of an up-tempo tune to dance or repeat your moves to the rhythm.

Alternatively, start with gentle movements for the first minute, really go for it for the next minute with high-power action, like push-ups, then return to gentle activity for the last minute.

Praise your progress

By the end of week one notice how great you feel. After week two onwards, acknowledge the positive change in your energy levels and muscle tone – and your mind. Try to repeat your micro-workout throughout the day, whenever it suits you. Make it a daily habit, for instance, every morning before you wake the kids.

At the end of each week, look in the mirror, smile and say, “Well done, you!”

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