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Fun in the sun

Weight Management

European fitness trainer Steve Mellor puts the fun back into exercise.

Most people accept the fact that to lose weight they will have to change their eating habits. However, convincing them that regular exercise is just as important as a healthy diet can be challenging. For some people, exercise means going to the gym or buying exercise equipment which they use a couple of times and then leave to gather dust. But exercise can really be fun - and outdoor activities are the perfect way to enjoy losing weight!

Fun for the whole family

When it comes to fitness and training, I prefer to be outside in the fresh air. Why not go on an adventure walk with your family? Getting off the beaten track and taking a hike in the woods, for example, will burn up to around 500 calories an hour. Add a 2% incline and you can increase your calorie burn by 20% per minute. One way to make a hike appealing to younger children is to prepare a list of things to look for and turn the outing into an exciting treasure hunt.

Get out on the green

Have you ever thought of taking up golf? Golfing offers more health benefits than you might think: cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and even balance and coordination. The quadriceps and hamstrings are especially targeted when walking up and down the mounds of a typical golf course. Even carrying your golf bag around the green helps strengthen your upper body.

Paddle your way to a healthy body

Another whole body workout and outdoor adventure is stand-up paddling. Whether on a lake, river or canal, or riding the waves, this sport is becoming ever more popular. In fact, last year in the United States, this was the outdoor sporting activity with the most first-time participants. It may look challenging, but actually this sport is accessible to just about anyone, even older people. As you stabilise your balance on an unstable surface, stand-up paddling offers therapeutic benefits to the muscles in your hips, lower legs and knee joints. Balance, core strength and endurance are among the sport's most significant fitness benefits.

Watch what you eat

Instead of grabbing a pizza or a scoop of ice cream when you want a snack, why not try the delicious bodykeyTM products?The light, tasty bars are perfect as a snack when you're doing sports, or you could take the shakes or herbal tea along in a thermos flask as a light refreshment. Delicious and convenient, they offer far more health benefits than traditional fast food. (Check out some ready-meal products below!)

–Steve Mellor

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